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Teams and groups, not individuals, are the learning-unit that is more impactful to key outcomes- performance, well-being, and innovation. We can do any of our cohorts for intact teams at your organization.

Why cohort learning?

Learning cohorts keep learning the way it is supposed to be- social and interactive.  Tacit knowledge, the hardest knowledge to transfer, but arguably the most valuable can only be explored through stories and conversations.


Of what you say and do during brain-based learning experiences will be remembered two weeks later.  A big difference from the 10% learned by reading and 20% learned by hearing.


Adobe found that 76% of respondents felt that companies that invest in creativity are more likely to have happier employees.


Vesely et al. found that 85% of participants found being part of an online community was helpful in learning.

Our Team Courses


Healthcare IT Firm

Your work with us is having a great impact on the results we are seeing within our founder partnership. 

Staffing and Recruiting Firm

Sales Regional Director
Our time spent with Thriving Teams Institute has helped me understand our team and myself more than ever and I have been able to grow both as an employee, co-worker, and person.  Beginning with the idea of defense vs. offense, I give them a lot of credit regarding our slow down to speed up mindsets change.  At first, I was very hesitant- all I could see were the roadblocks ahead and how much work needed to be done, but now I feel much more comfortable speaking up, sharing ideas, and ultimately being myself without worrying what consequences/results it could bring.

Our client feedback

Global Hotel Chain

Chief Technology Officer
This was a time for my extended leaders to come together as a team, identify ways to mature our capabilities, and drive enterprise change as leaders.  I appreciate your expertise in Neuroscience and for helping us to think more broadly.  Your content on transversal skills was thought-provoking, and I especially appreciate the Einstein quote: "the formulation of a problem is far more essential than its solution."

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