Team Learning is a process and an outcome

We help you implement team learning initiatives in your organizations.  We certify leaders to lead the learning on their teams or we certify in-house trainers within your organization to build the team learning capabilities of the leaders. 
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Why choose us

We are team learning experts.  From a vast array of experiences, learning and research- we have created this certification experience that will help you quickly and effectively build your team learning capabilities.  We have seen team learning make the impossible possible and we are excited to help bring that to your organization.  

Flexible Options

You can have us train your team leaders or you can have an in-house trainer get the certification to train your team leaders.  We can come to you or you can have your leaders/trainers come to us.

Access to Ongoing Learning

We have free ongoing webinars to keep your team learning expertise developing.  We also offer more advanced courses that will help you take team learning initiatives to the next level.

Learning Focused

We keep our workshops grounded in experiences that match the way the brain learns.  You will get to experience team learning as you learn how to implement team learning with your teams. 

Upcoming Certification for
Team Leaders

Join us 1/22-1/23 in-person in Houston, Texas or 1/25-1/26 virtually.  We recommend that you do the in-person cohort if most of your team interactions are in-person or do the virtual cohort if most of your team interactions are virtual.  If you are a hybrid- pick either one.   Fill out the application and we will contact you with more information and to set up a 15-minute conversation to make sure this certification will be right for you.
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Upcoming Certification for Trainers

Join us 2/7-2/9 in-person in Houston, Texas and then again virtually on 2/28.  The first two days will be experiencing the same certification team leaders go through and then the final live day and virtual day will be focused on you training the team leaders in your organization.  Each trainer will also get 3- one hour Teamstigator sessions to help you make the team learning initiative work in your context.