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Whether you are just beginning your adventure and looking for a valuable innovation, attempting to scale and grow from a start-up with a product to an organization, or thinking about investing in start-ups---our cohorts will provide valuable learning experiences that build your design thinking capabilities, decision-making skills, and help you thrive on the next phase of the journey. 
Cohort Learning for Entrepreneurs
Designerly Ways of Thinking and Innovating

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Designing, Innovating, Building a Company

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Data from Mckinsey showed that regularly implementing design thinking practices can lead to 1/3 higher revenues and 56% higher returns.  Other research has found that design thinking helps you get products to market faster with less money.  When innovation is baked into the culture it not only helps your break into the market but continually find ways to remain competitive.  Our experiences are designed by experts in building capabilities in designerly ways of thinking, doing, and being not just how to follow a design thinking process. 

Time Investment

Building a business is no easy endeavor.  We have an array of courses with different time commitments that will help your idea become a reality. 

Design-Based Learning

Innovators are people, innovation is an experience---designerly ways of thinking help you unlock new possibilities for ideas that will thrive in the marketplace.


Our virtual programs provide you to highly effective live sessions that still give you the time to make your brilliant idea a reality.

Practical Experts

Our instructors have both academic and practical experience that they bring to the learning experiences.

More Entrepreneur-Focused Learning Options

Sometimes your team needs something different than one of our virtual cohort courses.

Teamstigator® Session

Our version of red-teaming or on-demand coaching, Teamstigator® sessions are designed to help unstick your team in the moments when you feel most stuck.  We believe you know the best solution, but we help you discover it. 

Knowledge Communities

Our monthly meetings will provide you the platform to build a knowledge community that will be priceless to your entrepreneurial endeavors.  We will use case-studies and other design-based methods to dig deeper into team learning and the power it can bring your organization.

Innovation Skills

Build your capabilities in creative problem solving, design thinking, and innovation.  These skills are not easily learned on your own because they are not based on just absorbing information, but rather through experience that require and provoke deep thinking.

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