Cohorts for Strategic HR/LD

Thriving can be a pathway to aligning HR Initiatives to the Broader Business Vision, Strategy and Objectives.  We focus on pathways to exploring thriving from a systems perspective, the value or ROI of thriving, and how to collaborate with business leaders to define an organizational strategy that supports thriving as the employee experience.

Learning to be a team and team learning are mission critical for any organization.  Building team learning initiatives will impact your metrics in exciting ways.Learn from fellow professionals as you tackle the next frontier of Learning, Innovation, and Thriving
Cohort Learning for Strategic HR/LD
Design for a Thriving Employee Experience

Explore our Strategic HR/LD Focused Cohorts


More Employee Experience-Focused Learning Options

Sometimes you need something different than one of our virtual cohort courses.

Teamstigator® Session

Our version of red-teaming or on-demand team coaching, Teamstigator® sessions are designed to help you tackle your most pressing issues on your journey to bring thriving as the employee experience.

Knowledge Communities

Meet monthly over a 6-month period of time and explore team learning and thriving more deeply.  We use HBR case-studies and other design-based methods to collectively dig deeper into the topics.

Innovation Skills

Build your capabilities in creative problem solving, design thinking, and innovation. Experiences can't be shaped without these skills, so your investment in these skills will have significant impact on the EX.

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