Innovation is the path to a thriving future.

We provide cohort learning experiences that are designed to build capabilities around creative problem solving, design thinking, and innovation skills.  They also build you capacity for navigating uncertainty and ambiguity- a critical part of Innovation.
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Why develop your innovation skills?

Creativity is Needed

According to the World Economic Forum, Creativity is or is related to 9 of the top 10 skills global executives find crucial to the future of work.

Impacts the Customer Experience

According to one of Adobe's State of Creativity reports, companies that utilize creative problem solving are 80% more likely to have satisfied customers and 78% more likely to provide a better customer experience. .
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Impacts Leader's Effectiveness

According to Reece et al., Leaders with more capability in envisioning and planning for the future have...

19% more team engagement
18% more team innovation
25% more team agility
Creative Problem Solving, Design Thinking, and Innovation Focused Courses

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Our students love us

“Collaborating with this team showed the advantages of team diversity.  Through different educational levels, backgrounds, and career paths we had the opportunity to think outside the box.  We gained fresh ideas and challenged each other to think critically about solutions to workplace wellness.”
Cohort Participant
“The biggest takeaway for me was just understanding that there are multiple ways to find solutions in life and that everyone's journey is never the same.  Design thinking reminds me that it's important to be open to exploring a multitude of routes and options in any decision that we make.”
Cohort Participant
“I learned that the design thinking process caused us to dig deep into the "why", open us up to new ideas, and expand our view on the needs we were addressing.  It brought us together as a team, each one contributing their part.  It helped me to ask and listen mindfully.  This course helped me to learn how to work as a team and teamwork will be a part of my professional life always.”
Cohort Participant