Cohorts for Team Leaders

Leading teams in a way that supports high performance, well-being, and innovation is no easy task.  Most learning experiences focus on one of three, but our experiences focus on navigating the tension between the three so your team can innovate and thrive. 

Boston Consulting Group found that companies need to change and innovate their business models every 18 months or risk losing their competitive advantage- are you prepared for this?
Cohort Learning for Leaders
Learn, Innovate, Thrive

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Lead Thriving Teams®

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We use play and design-based methods to help you develop capabilities for innovation, build capacity for navigating and adapting during uncertainty, understand your interactions and how they are creating a team environment that either supports or suppresses Innovation and Thriving. 

Time Investment

We have different length courses.  They range from a 1-session course to programs that span over a few months.

Play and Design-Based Learning

Have fun, build capability for uncertainty and ambiguity, and develop your innovation skills.

Virtual or In-Person

Access high-quality live sessions that will help you become the leader you are striving to be. 

Practical Experts

Our instructors have both academic and practical experience that they bring to the learning experiences.

More Options for Learning

Sometimes you need something different than one of our virtual cohort courses.

Teamstigator® Session

Our version of red-teaming or on-demand leadership coaching, Teamstigator® sessions are designed to help you unlock your creative problem solving as you navigate the pressing problem in front of you.  We help you to think differently and unlock new solutions.

Knowledge Communities

A monthly meeting for 6 months that digs deeper into team learning.  We use HBR case studies and other design-based learning experiences.

Innovation Skills

Build your capabilities in creative problem solving, design thinking, and innovation.  Leaders that develop these skills are considered more effective by their direct reports and more valuable to their organization.

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