Thriving Workforce:
Designing the Path from Engagement to Thriving

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This transformative learning journey for HR Teams or other cross-functional teams in your organization will ignite your imagination, uncover the true desires and needs of your employees to thrive, and unveil fresh possibilities for the future of your organization.
Course overview
Use design thinking methods to pave the way from engagement to thriving in your organization. Let us guide you through the fascinating research on thriving and its vital link to your current engagement initiatives. Together, we'll embark on a design thinking process that will unveil innovative solutions to age-old challenges your organization encounters. 

Time Investment: 8 hours

Cost: $5,500 (up to team of 10).  Each additional participant is a $150.  No more than 20 participants per session. 
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Your Journey

Enroll your team

Fill out the course interest form.  Connect with a Thriving Teams Learning Ambassador to identify potential dates for your on-demand team learning experience.  They will also gather any additional information needed to ensure your experience leads to deep learning. 

Attend 8 hrs. of Live Learning

Your team will meet live for 8 hours.  We will engage in a design-thinking based learning experience to gain deeper perspectives into thriving at work, ideate around new possibilities, and create a prototype of a path from engagement initiatives to thriving initiatives.

Book Teamstigator Sessions

Book a private session for the team leader with your instructors for a teamstigator session.  They will challenge your perspective, get you thinking about next steps in a new way and help you uncover the path to thriving.

What's included?

  • Pre-Work

    We will provide engaging and thought-provoking questions that will prepare you for deeply engaging with others during the live interactions. 
  • Live Cohort Sessions

    This class will meet for a total of 8 hours.  There will be time between sessions.  The time between sessions will be utilized to explore, learn and reflect prior to the next live session. 
  • 15-minute Teamstigator™ Session

    The team leader will get a 15-minute Teamstigator session to explore or support you on your journey to design thinking-based solutions to shifting from engagement to thriving.

Thriving Workforce:
Designing the Path from Engagement to Thriving

We will help you unlock new possibilities. Some of the benefits the team learning experience are:
  • Engage in a team design thinking experience
  • Uncovering the thriving and not thriving narratives in your organization
  • Utilize your collected data to design for thriving at your organization
  • Build team capabilities in team creative problem solving
  • Build knowledge around the research on thriving at work
  • Prototype how to pitch the ideas to the executive team
Our instructors

Meet our core team

All of our instructors are highly qualified professionals, widely acknowledged in their field.