Entrepreneur Teams:
Designing the Path from Idea to Business Plan

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Having an idea for a company is exhilarating, but the journey can be a rollercoaster. Let the design thinking structure of this course guide your team in transforming that idea into a thriving [venture]. 
Course overview
Entrepreneurial teams often focus on a brilliant idea but fail to consider the crucial human and business dynamics at play. These dynamics can either empower or hinder the successful transformation of their idea into a thriving business. Don't wait until organizational design becomes mission critical; start thinking about it early on!  

Ignite your entrepreneurial journey with our cutting-edge [6-90 minute] session team course. Explore the transformative power of design thinking and unlock the path from idea to business plan. Embrace the complexity of human and business dynamics as your guiding force towards realizing the ultimate solution in shaping your company. 

Time Investment:  9 live hours plus work in between sessions

Includes: NBI Assessment

Cost: $6000
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Your Journey

Join a Cohort

Fill out the course interest form.  Connect with a Thriving Teams Learning Ambassador to identify potential dates for your on-demand team learning experience.  They will also gather any additional information needed to ensure your experience leads to deep learning. 

Take the NBI Assessment

Prior to the first cohort meeting, you will need to take the Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI) Assessment.  This is a short assessment that will take you approximately 15-30 minutes.  You will follow the directions in the email sent to you.

Attend 6- 90 minute sessions

Our cohort will meet live virtually over 6 different sessions.  We will unpack your assessment results and how your thinking preferences influence the entrepreneurial journey, explore your ideas through a design-thinking framework, and create a business plan.

Book Teamstigator Sessions

Book up to 3 teamstigator sessions after the course ends.  They will challenge your perspective and get you to think in a new way about the problem you are experiencing as you launch your company.

What's included?

  • Pre-Work

    We will provide engaging and thought-provoking questions that will prepare you for deeply engaging with others during the live interactions. 
  • Live Cohort Sessions

    This class will meet six times for 90 minutes each session. There will not be every week. The time between sessions will be utilized to explore, learn and reflect prior to the next live session. 
  • NBI (Neethling Brain Instrument)

    Prior to our first live session, each participant will take the NBI (Neethling Brain Instrument) assessment.  We will send a link with instructions.  During the first live session, we will do a series of experiences to help debrief the results.  
  • Teamstigator™ Session

    We will use our teamstigator process to help you unlock new possibilities.  Each team can book 3 sessions,
Neethling Brain Instrument

Why the NBI?

This neuroscience-based assessment focuses on the eight dimensions of thinking. It helps you activate your whole brain for maximum impact, and it helps you communicate more effectively with your team. As a team learn how to unleash the power of collective problem-solving. 
The current world of work depends on knowledge workers–building the capabilities to harness the skills, knowledge, and insights of employees, teams, and clients is the only true competitive advantage any organization has. 
It is a diagnostic survey that indicates your personal thinking preferences. Your preferences influence the way you communicate, make decisions, solve problems, and interact with others. 
The Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI) provides insights into personal thinking preferences and when done with teams- the “team brain.” Insights from the assessment can be applied and add value across many areas of your organization.
Our instructors

Meet our core team

All of our instructors are highly qualified professionals, widely acknowledged in their field.