Short Course

Team Learning: A Competitive Advantage

Team Learning can be a powerful part of strategic initiatives for any organization. Learn the value it brings organizations and how to begin developing your team learning capabilities. Team learning helps you share, create, and utilize knowledge to be more effective, make better decisions, and uncover collective creative ideas that will help you create a thriving future.

Time Investment: 1- 90 minute session
Cost: $50
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Upcoming Sessions

Join us virtually on 10/24
from 11:00-12:30 pm CT

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Your Journey

Register for the Session

Hit enroll and fill out the forms.  Make sure to identify the start date of the cohort you want to join on the form.  After submitting enrollment, we will contact you will the steps for joining the session.

Attend the Session

Add the session to your calendar.  Show up with an open mind, explore a new vantage point, challenge your perspectives, and create the space for new possibilities.  

After the Session

We will provide you with an infographic that captures the key ideas discussed in the session.  Consider joining our knowledge communities and continuing your learning each month.  Knowledge communities are a great way to share and create new knowledge.

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