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Teamstigator™ Session
(1 session)

Challenge Your Perspective, Find New Vantage Points, Engage in Creative Problem Solving

This is for one session.  Make sure you sign up for a session using the Calendly link below.  If those times do not work for you, then contact us by email and we will work with you to get scheduled ASAP.

What's included?

  • What is Teamstigating?

    Teamstigating™ is our process of helping leaders and team look at risks and opportunities, offering alternative perspectives, and challenging current perspectives.  We can do it with just the leader, but we love it when the whole team shows up.  
  • The Shift

    We shift the conversation from “what should we do” to “what can we do.”
  • What is the goal of these sessions?

    The goal of these sessions is for leaders/teams to leave with increased clarity and understanding of the solution, iterations on the solutions that will lead to future successes, vocalized awareness of potential risks of moving forward with the solution, and possible signals to look out for as you move forward. These sessions prove to be a favorite amongst clients and help teams have the conversations that lead to confident execution.