Team Leadership:
Navigating Team Dynamics and Building Thriving Teams

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This course in our Team Leadership Series is all about 'a team' learning to be a better team. Leadership resides in the team and teams' ability to collaborate and be 'a team'. Understand the dynamics at play and start building your thriving team. 
Course overview
Team dynamics: Unleashing the power within your team! Explore the secrets behind thriving teams and unlock new possibilities. Discover the key elements of learning, relationships, performance, well-being, and innovation that make a team thrive. Each team member plays a vital role in shaping an environment that supports growth and innovation. In just 4 sessions, you'll dive deep into the components of thriving teams, learn how to mold your environment, and gather crucial data points to fuel adaptation and success. Get ready to take your team to new heights!

Time Investment: 4- 90 minute sessions (6 live class hours total)

Cost: $ 4,000 for up to 10 participants.  Each additional participant is $150.  We max out our courses at 20 participants. 

You can combine teams for this experience, just please chat with us about it so we can plan for the maximum effectiveness for your group. We can also accommodate multiple cohorts running at the same time.  

Your Journey

Enroll your team

Fill out the course interest form.  Connect with a Thriving Teams Learning Ambassador to identify potential dates for your on-demand team learning experience.  Our learning ambassadors will gather any additional information needed during the initial conversation.  This will ensure your experience leads to deep learning. 

Attend 6 hrs. of Live Learning

There will be pre-work and post-work for each session.  The extension experiences are meant to make the most of your learning and help you make sense of the new awareness you gain.  Come with an open mind and embrace the path to growth.

Sign-Up for Teamstigator Session

After the course ends, your team can meet with a Teamtigator to explore one of your biggest challenges as you implement what you learned into your team operations.  We will help you unlock new possibilities, gain new insights, and gather the perspectives you need to solve your biggest challenge.  We will help the learning from the course stick. 

What's included?

  • Pre-Work

    We will provide engaging and thought-provoking lessons that will prepare you for deeply engaging with others during the live interactions. 
  • Live Cohort Sessions

    This class will meet for 6 live hours. The time between sessions will be utilized to explore, learn and reflect prior to the next live session. 
  • Teamstigator™ Session

    Each team will get a Teamstigator session after the course ends. 

Team Leadership:
Navigating Team Dynamics and Building Thriving Teams

Some of the benefits of our team professional development are:
  • Learn the Art and Science of Team Dynamics
  • Develop your teaming capabilities
  • Become a better team
  • Design a team environment that supports thriving
  • Gain insight into the most relevant and cutting edge research on team dynamics
  • Unleash new possibilities for performance and innovation on your team
Our instructors

Meet our core team

All of our instructors are highly qualified professionals, widely acknowledged in their field.