Team Leadership:
Unlocking Team Creativity

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Discover a whole new perspective on creativity and innovation with our exciting team development course. Harnessing the power of neuroscience, your team will revolutionize its approach to foster unparalleled creativity and innovation. In today's world, this is an essential pursuit for every team and organization. Don't let this captivating experience pass your team by. 

Course overview

Team creativity is an exhilarating blend of personal ingenuity and collective collaboration. It encompasses the art of unleashing creativity through both skills and nurturing environments. Our course delves into the fascinating world of creative neuroscience, team dynamics, and supportive cultures that foster innovation. Get ready to discover practical strategies to unlock the boundless potential of team creativity and develop your own inventive problem-solving skills. 

Time Investment: 1- 2hr. session

Cost: $2,500 (up to a team of 10).  Each additional participant is $150.  No more than 20 participants per session. 

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Your Journey

Register for the Session

Fill out the course interest form. Connect with a Thriving Teams Learning Ambassador to identify potential dates for your on-demand team learning experience. Our learning ambassadors will gather any additional information needed during the initial conversation. This will ensure your experience leads to deep learning. 

Attend the Session

Add the session to your team calendar.  Show up with an open mind, explore a new vantage point, challenge your perspectives, and create the space for new possibilities.  

After the Session

We will provide you with an infographic that captures the key ideas discussed in the session.  Use this to continue the conversations as your team continues to design for team creativity and innovation,

Team Leadership:
Unlocking Team Creativity

Some of the benefits of our team professional development are:
  • Uncover how to create an environment where team creativity emerges and thrives
  • Develop team creative problem solving capabilities
  • Become a better team member during creative moments
  • Understand what neuroscience is saying about team creativity
  • Identify team creativity strategies that might help your team
  • Unleash new levels of team innovation
Our instructors

Meet our core team

All of our instructors are highly qualified professionals, widely acknowledged in their field.