Learn. Innovate. Thrive. 

Learning, Innovating, and Thriving are all social endeavors, so team learning or cohort learning is the perfect way to develop transversal skills and build leader and team capabilities for becoming passionate innovators, relentless problem solvers, and Thriving Teams­®.

We focus on 3 critical capabilities

We help you develop the capabilities needed to be Always Ready for the uncertain and ambiguous conditions you will face.

#1 Team Learning

Team learning is critical to innovation and sustainability.  It helps you bridge the past, present, and future of your organization in a way that supports thriving.  We all think we understand team learning- cause we have been on teams and we have been in classrooms, but it is in the nuances of team learning where its power is uncovered.

#2 Innovative Thinking

Innovative thinking, design thinking, creative problem solving all tap into our designerly ways of knowing, doing, and being.  Building your capabilities in thinking, doing, and feeling like a designer will unleash the connection between your critical and creative thinking skills.  Design creates the future.  Build the capabilities needed to design a thriving future.

#3 Building Thriving Teams

Think like a designer, interact like a thriving team.  Our Thriving Teams series will help you become a better team member, lead a thriving team, think differently about old problems, and design environments that support Innovation and Thriving.  Team leadership is about the team, so we keep the team central to our learning experience.

Why choose us as your team learning partner

We design for how you learn

Our expertise in how you learn, not just what to learn, alongside our deep knowledge and research in teams, innovation, and thriving helps us design experiences that unlock behavior change.

We design for navigating ambiguity and uncertainty

To build your capacity for navigating ambiguity and uncertainty, you need to learn in similar situations.  We do our best to create those conditions in a way that maximizes your growth. 

We design for developing thinking and building knowledge

Learning how to think critically, creatively, narratively, and designerly will unleash new capabilities for navigating life, leading teams and organizations, and innovating towards new possibilities. 

We design for transversal skill development alongside technical skills

Transversal skills are those that can be used in a variety of situations and work settings.  These are the skills that employers are demanding more and more, but often put little effort into developing.  
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Some words from our clients

My biggest takeaway was that the first idea is not always the best idea.  There are ways to brainstorm and combine ideas to make an even better idea.  
Design Thinking
Cohort Participant
Your work with her as she transitioned to an executive role provided her with challenge, support, guidance and coaching.  Her experience with your team really helped her transition to the executive level. 
Healthcare Executive
Public Healthcare System
After our Teamstigator­® sessions, our start-up team's overall energy level is good, and we are now pointed in the right direction.  We are seeing a direct impact on our results. 
Healthcare Technology

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