Knowledge Communities

Come together each month with professionals who will have different perspectives,
insights and knowledge. Build a network, engage in lively discussions, explore case studies,
and tackle your most ambiguous problems together.  We focus on team learning, but it will also become a team learning experience.

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What value will it bring you?

Knowledge Sharing

Learning from others in similar and different contexts from you will unlock new possibilities and stimulate your creative problem solving for your most pressing work issues. 

Knowledge Creation

Knowledge Communities are much more than sharing what you are already doing, it is about creating knowledge in the moment as you unlock new ways of thinking about old problems. 

Broadens Perspective

Sometimes we can't get out of our normal ways of thinking, but knowledge communities can broaden your perspective and get you out of your default thinking modes and into more intentional thinking spaces.

Sparks Curiosity

Remaining curious and learning is our best path to future-proofing and increasing our decision making effectiveness.  Knowledge communities often spark the curiosity and create the learning conditions needed to thrive.

How it Works?

We bring together a diverse group of up to 20 professionals that want to dive deeper into a certain topic.  We assign pre-work, and design monthly learning experiences that will help your become a knowledge sharing community that will help you unlock new paths to team learning, innovating and thriving.
  • Engage in knowledge-sharing and knowledge-creation experiences
  • Build and expand your network
  • Learn from different perspectives and contexts
  • Challenge your default way of thinking and unlock new ways of thinking about old problems
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